The Vero Beach Art Club

Mission and Vision
A 501(c)(3) NonProfit Organization

Mission Statement:

To foster appreciation of art and artistic growth through exhibitions and educational opportunities for its members. To extend cultural enrichment to the community at large by exhibiting our artists' works at public locations in various venues around Indian River County to stress the value and importance of art in the world. To offer scholarship opportunities to students who wish to study art or go on to colleges for art related courses and help financially support art programs through our schools and recreation department art programs. To encourage and support both appreciation and creation of fine art.

vision Statement:

Our vision is for the Vero Beach Art Club to be the voice and the representative of the visual arts and artists of our community, and to be a beacon of Artistic endeavor for the Treasure Coast. We will strive to do this by both continuing our existing programs and by strengthening our ties to our growing artistic community. We will continue our established programs as we seek to expand on them.

1. We seek to broaden our financial outreach to both individual students and to schools to enrich the explorations of the visual arts by our youth.

Through yearly educational donations the club provides to art programs at local public schools and recreation departments we foster art education and improve our connection with local schools, art teachers, students, and other non-profit organizations. We will continue to build on our commitment to the schools by seeking new avenues of support and involvement with our art teachers / students. We also encourage young artists to join the Art Club with our affordable Junior Membership for those ages 12-17 and a No Charge Auxiliary Membership for ages 11 and under. Our yearly scholarships (including a one year membership to the Art Club) to graduating seniors encourage young artists to further their education in an art-related field of study.

2. We will strengthen our position in the community as a leader in visual arts for creative expression by exposing them to the creative work of our members.

Our goals are to both increase the awareness and appreciation of art in the greater Vero Beach area and to provide multiple venues for visual artists to display their creations to the public. We give exposure to Vero Beach Artists of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds by hosting Fine Art Shows, Exhibits, Workshops, an Artists’ Gallery, and displays of Art in Public Places. By offering affordable options for membership, show applications, and free exhibits for members to showcase their work, we expose the public to a wide variety of mediums and styles.

3. We seek to empower our artists by providing opportunities for them to connect with other artists.

We will continue to offer Community Within a Community, Guest Demonstrators, Open Studios, Workshops and our Online Facebook Group Artists’ Forum, while being open to new opportunities. We encourage artists to explore their interests, venture into other mediums and share their creativity with others as Workshop Facilitators, Guest Demonstrators or attendees at our monthly meetings. By maintaining a Facebook Group Artist’s Forum we offer a place to post art- related information to help connect artists from all mediums and walks of life.