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Hosting a New Member Social

We hold New Member Socials every quarter to welcome our new members into our Club. They are held at members' homes or clubhouses. This is a great way to earn volunteer hours while helping to greet and get to know our newest members. If interested, see the requirements below. Please contact Lizdiel Ramos-Hering is interested in hosting.

New Member Social Chair
Lizdiel Ramos-Hering * 772-453-6600
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If you are able to open your home or have a clubhouse you are able to use, we would love to schedule a New Member Social for you to host. You provide the space, finger foods, and beverages. If you live in a gated community we will need to make sure invited members are allowed to enter. While we do encourage R.S.V.P.'s, there may be people who show up that are not on our list. We can provide you with a list of members that were invited if you need one.


New Member Socials are generally held on the second Saturday of March, June, September and December from 12:00 noon to about 2:00 pm.


Our New Member Social Chair will mail/email out invitations to members who have joined since the previous New Member Social was held. An E-Blast will be sent out through Constant Contact to all new members from the past 12 months. While we provide the invitations, we would appreciate any special instructions for the location - map issues, directions, etc. Those are always helpful, especially to members new to the Vero Beach area.


The host of the NMS has three responsibilities. They are:

1. The HOST provides the meeting space, usually their home. Also, it could be a clubhouse in their community.
1A. The HOST provides welcome table space for the committee and office staff to set up.
2. The HOST provides the non-alcoholic beverages of their choice such as water, iced tea, soda, lemonade, coffee along with cups.
3. The HOST provides the food of their choice along with plates and utensils, forks, knives and spoons as needed.

Since the NMS begins at noon prior hosts have provided appetizers and light lunch items as if serving friends.

The NMS committee is responsible for:

1. Creating invitations, mailing and receiving all RSVPs from the new members. The committee chair will provide a number of attendees one week prior to the NMS and a name list 2 days before the event. The numbers can change up or down but usually by 1 or 2 at the most.

The NMS committee, office staff and other committee chairs are:

1. Responsible to arrive 30 minutes early to set up the welcome table with sign in sheets, name tags and VBAC club activity information and to welcome the new members.
2. The NMS committee will stay until the newbies have departed, will remove all club materials and will assist with tidying up as needed.

Our goal is to make this as trouble free as possible for the host and a safe, accident free, welcoming environment for our precious new members.