Vero Beach Art Club

30th Annual ART BY THE SEA

January 19, 20 & 21, 2018


A Prestigious Exhibition by Members of the Vero Beach Art Club and the Vero Beach Museum of Art. This is one of the most anticipated shows of the Vero Beach Art Club's season. Held in the beautiful Holmes Great Hall at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, this show offers artists a chance to show one piece each of their artwork, all available for sale. A percentage of the proceeds is donated to the Vero Beach Art Club to support their educational outreach programs such as the scholarships they award to high school seniors and the donations they give to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and various art classes in Indian River County. This year the show sold 23% of all the artwork on display at the show, it was an incredible success and the artwork was considered to be outstanding.


Photos from Art By the Sea 2018

Private VIP Opening Reception & Awards: Friday, January 19, 2018 4:00 pm-5:00 pm
Cocktail Reception/Exhibit and Sale for the Public: Friday, January 19, 2018 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
Exhibit and Sale for the Public:  Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Exhibit and Sale for the Public: Sunday, January 21, 2018 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Photos from Art By the Sea 2017

Vero Beach Museum of Art, Holmes Great Hall
3001 Riverside Park Drive, Vero Beach, Fl 32963



Located on Orchid Island between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, the Vero Beach Museum of Art is nestled near Riverside Park. Just south of the SR60 Barber Bridge, the Museum is located on the southwest side of the park. The parking lot is a joint lot shared by visitors with overflow parking in the grass area out toward the Gazebo. The Exhibit is held in the spacious Holmes Great Hall and is open to the public and free of Museum admission.


Our generous sponsors help to make the show possible and continue the cultural works of the Vero Beach Art Club. In-kind sponsorships are always welcome! The exhibit would not be possible without their support and generosity.

2018 Award Winners by Category


First Place - Noel Rothmayer Award
                Artist:      James Newman
                Title:        Indian River Gold

Second Place
                Artist:      Alice Ferguson
                Title:        Light & Shade

Third Place
                Artist:      Paige Speight
                Title:        The Prow


First Place
                Artist:      Julie Grm
                Title:        Secrets

Second Place
                Artist:      Dawn Miller
                Title:        Cracker Porch

Third Place
                Artist:      Agnes Manganelli
                Title:        Wave Warriors


First Place
                Artist:      Soozi Schuble
                Title:        Petal Pushers

Second Place
                Artist:      Gus Miller
                Title:        Topped Up

Third Place
                Artist:      Diana M. Feuer
                Title:        Sunrise


First Place
                Artist:      Beth Fairchild
                Title:        Jokers All Around Me

Second Place
                Artist:      Joel Johnson
                Title:        Winter Light

Third Place
                Artist:      Witha Lacuesta
                Title:        Dance Can-Can

Mary Mazur Memorial Award for BEST IN SHOW

First Place
    Artist:    George Beckman
    Title:    Dancing Spirit


First Place
    Artist:      Dawn Mill
    Title:    Morning on the River


First Place
    Artist:      George Paxton
    Title:    Pensive


First Place
    Artist:    Chris Beach
    Title:    Keys Canal

Second Place
    Artist:    Peter A. Coe
    Title:    Pines 60 West

Third Place
    Artist:    Bill Gimbel
    Title:    The Nutmeg Sorter


First Place
    Artist:    Chuck Haaland
    Title:    Curious Sandhill Crane


First Place
    Artist:    Jens Bisgaard
    Title:    Bracelet w/16.35 ct Swiss Blue Topaz


First Place
    Artist:    Betsy Kurzinger
    Title:    Bibbity Bobby Boo

Second Place
    Artist:    Carol Staub
    Title:    Bookworm

Third Place
    Artist:    Quentin Walter
    Title:    Posed in Pink


2018 Merit Awards


1.            Artist:      Tom McCauley
                Title:        Rocky Guards

2.            Artist:      Anne Whitney
                Title:        Jacob Wrestling With the Angels

3.            Artist:      Madeline Long
                Title:        Dangling Apples

4.            Artist:      Catherine Musham
                Title:        Carnival

5.            Artist:      Minakshi De
                Title:        Relaxing

6.            Artist:      Judy Rixom
                Title:        Columbia

7.            Artist:      Charles Kaune
                Title:        untitled

8.            Artist:      Carol Klotz
               Title:        Going Fishing w/ Grandpa

9.            Artist:      Gail Prauss
               Title:        Rhythm in Blue

10.          Artist:      Sheila McAvoy
                Title:        Passage to Manifesting

11.          Artist:      Matthew Ward
                Title:        Door

12.          Artist:      Peggy Thomas
                Title:        Copper Leaves

13.          Artist:      Joan Earnhart
                Title:        Cultivating Solitude

14.          Artist:      Juliet Bacchas
                Title:        Red Ginger

15.          Artist:      Jim Cohoe
                Title:        Detroit City 1950/60


2018 Participants

Penny Aliyetti
Bren Anderegg
Ken Argent
Juliet Bacchas
Ilda Barbieri
Andrea Barkett
Rita Barone
Chris Beach
George Beckman
David Bence
Carol Bennett
Jenifer    Berlin
Vicki Beyer
Jens Bisgaard
A. Bitter
Marjorie Bohler
Michael Bridge
Verne Brown
Carine Buerkel
Deirdre    Bugbee
Laura Burden
Judy Burgarella
Andy Burnam
Merana Cadorette
Alicia Callandar
Felice Cirelli
Muci Clemens
Peter A. Coe
Jim Cohoe
Hector Cruz
Margaret Culver
Evelyn Cunningham
Paul Davis
Minakshi De
Pat deRobertis
Fran Devitt
Sue Dinenno
Gail Dolphin
Christopher J. Domis
Carol Dove
Mackie Duch
Joan Earnhart
Dale Erickson
Beth Anne Fairchild
Eileen Farrell
Gail Fayerweather
Ruth Feldman
Alice Ferguson
Dorothea Ferone
Diana M. Feuer
Janice Filkins
Ellen E. Fischer
Maureen    Fitzpatrick
Silvia Forrest
Lorraine Fouquet
E Marie    Francis
Alan French
Nancy Galligan
Susan Gancher
Elise Geary
Annette    Gekle
Dede Gilbert
Richard    Gillmor
Bill Gimbel
Barbara    Glover
Margaret V. Goembel
Martha Elena Gonzalez
David Goodrich
Pamela Pike Gordinier
Carol Ann Graham
Georgene Granholm
Rebecca    Gratwick
Julie Grm


Janet Grossarth
Xaque Gruber
Jeanette Gruenke
Charles    Gruppe
Rene Guerin
Al Gustave
Chuck Haaland
Sherry Haaland
Cathleen Hahn
Russ Hahn
Susan Hale
Mary Ann Hall
Michelle Henry
Sally Hills
Mags Hobbs
Barbara    Horton
I Joseph
Gregory    Ingerson
Lee Jamieson
Christine Jamison
Don Jette
Joanne Johnson
Joel Johnson
Ester Jones
Louise Jones-Takata
Faith Jordan
Susan Juranich
Charles    Kaune
Keri Keene
Richard A Kelly
J Scott    Kelly
Regan Kenyon
Laurie Kerschner
Joyce Kindel
Monika King
Mark Kirby
Carol Klotz
Jerry Kollig
J R P Kovacs
Betsy Kurzinger
Witha Lacuesta
Barbara    Landry
Nancy Lane
Andrea Lazar
Lee Littenberg
Madeline Long
Stephanie Lovallo
Lisa Lugo
Jean Mabee
Jay Madigan
Annette    Malsbary
Agnes Manganelli
Brenda Manning
Irene S. Marco
Marilee    Matteson
Sheila McAvoy
Brenda McCarthy
Tom McCauley
Lana McConnell
Betsy McKean
MaryAnn    McKee
David McQuinn
Suzy Mellott
Judy Mercer
Linda Merk-Gould
Dawn Mill
Janvier    Miller
Dawn Miller
Gus Miller
Ronald E. Miller
Keith Mills
Joanne Mohan

Joseph Montagnino
Betsy Moser
Judith Motta
Lou Mullan
Catherine Musham
Mike Nelson
James Newman
Susan O’Shea
Lionel Ogilvie
Patricia Padoll
George Paxton
Tom Peters
Nikki Pfeiffer
George Pillorge
Gail Prauss
Theresa    Prokop
Marlene Evans Putnam
Jo Rabjohn
Judith Ragusa
Chitra Ramanathan
Laura Reed Howell
Nancy Reeves
Mary Rianhard
Judy Rixom
Marcia Robertson
Lisa Rose
Carol Ross
Olga Rudniha
Diane Sabac
Fran San Miguel
Katie Santomartino
Grace Amore Savage
Charlotte Schaefer
Dorothy Napp Schindel
Soozie Schuble
Don Schuster
Cree Scudder
Mary Segal
Sara Shankland
Barry Shapiro
Chris Shaw
Lee G Smith
Maria Sparsis
Paige Speight
Linda Spencer
Rita Bianco Sprague
Carol Staub
Yvonne J Steere
Lisa Steffens
Sandy Stevenson
Jerry Stone
Curtis Swanson
Peggy Thomas
Jean Ray Thompson
Mary Travers
Emily Tremml
Janet Tribus
Beverly    Tyson
Ed Uttridge
Frank Villucci
Paulette Visceglia
Marcy Von Kohorn
Dorinda    Walker
Quentin    Walter
Matthew    Ward
Ann Weibel
Kimberly Weissenborn
Catherine White
Anne Whitney
Peter A. Wiehl
Arlene Willnow
Sharon    Wilson
Jodi    Woodall
Rita    Ziegler


Sherry Haaland

Judy Rixom
h: 772-562-1107/ c: 772-453-9634