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To apply/renew your Vero Beach Art Club Youth or Junior Membership, and/or apply/renew your Artist's Gallery (a separate fee of $45 to have your own page on our website); please fill out the form below. We would also appreciate knowing the areas in which you (or an adult) would like to volunteer to help make our Club a success. We would love to have you join and look forward to meeting you. You may pay your application fee(s) online, by mailing a check or pay in person at the office.

NEW MEMBERS, please fill out the application below the payments section to join the Vero Beach Art Club. After submitting the form, just add the payment to your cart for Junior Members (below the form) and proceed to checkout.

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The Online Artists Gallery is a separate annual fee of $45 in addition to your membership dues.
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After you have submitted the form above (click Submit), you may proceed to the payment below.

JUNIOR membership - new or renewal

New Junior members ages 12 - 17. If joining for the first time, please fill out the New Member Application Online Form. Renewals, simply add to your cart.

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Artist's Gallery Online Access

Applicants must be CURRENT members of the Vero Beach Art Club to apply. Renews annually. This fee is for both new Artists Gallery applicants and renewals.

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Showcase your artwork on our Online Artist's Gallery

You may also apply for the Artist's Gallery Online Access to post your bio, photos of your artwork, contact information, a link to your website and more. This is renewable annually at a fee of $45.00. You must also be a current member of the Vero Beach Art Club. You will be contacted with your login information once we receive your payment. If you are new to the Gallery, please also fill out the Artists Gallery Application from the link below (blue button).