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September 2018 Juliet Bacchas

Bio: I grew up in beautiful Jamaica and moved to the US in 2001. I co-own the Juliet Rose Pottery Studio in Monson, Ma., for seventeen years now. I'm a graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston Jamaica. While I was in college I was introduced to a very unique hand-building technique call African Coiling. African coiling originates in West Africa and is widely use in Jamaica. This is my predominant technique, which I am truly honored and blessed to be a part of. For 17 years I have traveled through the New England states with my best friend and business partner (Linda Spelko) doing art festivals and group exhibitions. In addition, I organized and taught Pottery classes and workshops (hand-building and wheel throwing) at our studio. I have also instructed workshops and demonstrations at the Springfield Museum in Springfield, MA; Umass Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts in Amherst, MA; Holyoke Art League in Holyoke, MA; Wilbraham Art League in Wilbraham, MA. My works are in locations such as The Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA; Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen in Lancaster, PA; The Cornell Museum Gift Store in Florida.

August 2018 Wendy Prange

Wendy Prange.jpeg

Originally from England, I have been a Cape Cod resident since 2000 and a Vero Beach snowbird since 1995. Cape Cod offers a natural affinity for me because similarities in landscape and the abundance of marine activity evoke many memories of my birthplace. As a child, I was always sketching but not until I retired and studied with Rita Ziegler of the Vero Beach Art Club did I realize that I had a latent talent for nautical oil painting. Now, I specialize in painting every kind of sailboat, tall ship, lighthouse and the numerous and beautiful New England beaches. I am an award winning member at the Cape Cod Art Association, Vero Beach Art Guild and a three year co-President of the Guild of Chatham Painters, where I am also a juried member and actively participate in the weekly 2-3 day outdoor art shows in Chatham, MA through the summer months.

July 2018 Steve Strickland

Steve with Artwork.jpg

I studied art at East Carolina University in the late 60's I never finished thinking art was a tough career to make a living. 
I eventually decided doing what you love is more important than money, as long as you can make a living doing that thing you love.
So in 1978 I began a full time career as an artist. I have tried almost everything and am grateful that I have gotten by.
And to make it better most of that time I have been blessed to live in places that inspire me, mostly Hawaii.
And now I have new inspiration and am looking forward to finishing my career here in Vero Beach.
As long as I can pick up a brush or pencil, I will continue.

June 2018 Felice Cirelli


As a long time drummer since the age of twelve, the arts have always been a part of my life. I first discovered my love of the visual arts back in 1973, when I took my first art class as an elective in college. My art teacher at the time entered several of my works in various shows, and to my surprise, I won several placements in these shows. I continued to paint for a few years post college, but eventually stopped. Around this point in my life, I became a teacher of the Social Sciences and soon started a family, putting my love of the arts to the side.




May 2018 Patricia A. Forelle


I started drawing and painting in kindergarten and never stopped! I was a studio art major in college concentrating in painting. My first job was as a stylist and costume designer. My interest and studies in history particularly French history (MA in french language and civilization NYU) led me to designing for opera and ballet in the 17th-19th c predominately. My sketches for the workroom were of interest to the companies for which I worked and continue to work - a 19th c opera in the 18th c style will be presented in NYC and Washington, D.C. in 2019 is my current project. Working in theatre led me to change mediums.

April 2018 Loren Harvard


My name is Loren Harvard and I am a 7th grade student at St. Helen's Catholic school in Vero Beach FL. I have attended the Diossy Art Studio for the last 3 years where I have learned techniques in drawing, painting and sculpting. I have always enjoyed doing any activity that is creative. Most recently, I have been participating as part of a drama club working with a team to create the set design for an upcoming school play. I am interested in continuing to learn about many different forms of art. My other passions in addition to art, are reading and musicals.

I really enjoy sketching in pencil and have recently started to use charcoal.

I have just always felt an urge to draw and express what I am thinking through pictures.

March 2018 Dawn Miller


I remember, as a child, discovering my Mother's easel in the basement. Tubes of color, cans of brushes and magic on the canvas. With seven children, she found time to teach me to draw. More than that, how to see.

The art community in Vero has been very supportive: I was hired onto the faculty of the VBMA, co-founded a successful Gallery and have been fortunate to teach, show and sell my work around the country. I now teach and paint in my home studio.

My principle medium is soft pastels, but I originally studied and worked in watercolor. Drawing is my backbone and I still delight in the simplicity of pencil and paper. I also work in acrylics and oil but always returned to the directness of pastels.

What inspires my art? Light. objects, people and places that age with grace, determination and dignity. The sea, sky and the peace of a marsh.

February 2018 Justine R Kovacs

 Justine and Sandpiper Point

Justine has undergraduate degrees from Syracuse University in Graphic Art and Applied Arts and pursued a career in Journalism. I am a certified landscape Consultant and Master Flower Show Judge. Over the years I have studied at the New School, NYC and with A. Getz, Betty Stroppel, Lee Hughs and most recently, John C. Traynor.

Her current artwork specialty is Plein Air Impressionism

She has always been interested in creating art whether on the page, in clothing, flower design, landscaping or on paper and canvas. My own painting career started out of a desire to have affordable art on our walls!

Her creative drive is brought out by a blank canvas.

January 2018 Carole Barton


Carole Barton was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut. She attended Hood College and received a BS in Art Education from the University of Bridgeport.

After graduation, she taught Art K-6th grade in Stamford, Connecticut and attended classes at Silvermine Art Center.

Carole moved to Vero Beach in 1994 and became a Docent at the Center for the Arts, now the Vero Beach Museum of Art. She is also a Docent at the Gallery at Windsor.

She enjoys all subjects and methods of painting including watercolors, oils and colored pencil.

December 2017 Arlene Willnow

Arlene wiith Two Faced..jpg

I began oil painting in the late 70's as a hobby. But did little with it. In 2010, my daughter took me to IR photo club. I began taking pictures of everything. Because of my excitement with photography, my children bought me a camera, tripod, and all sorts of attachments. I have been having a love affair with photography since. Recently I got out the oils and began doing some pictures. I have had no training in either photography or painting. Just really enjoy them.

Why do you create art?: I become totally involved. Very relaxing.

What turns on your creative drive?: I'm competitive - I want to find new ways to express beauty.

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November 2017 Yvonne Steere

Yvonne portrait.jpg


Educated in Massachusetts universities, I hold a multidisciplinary baccalaureate in education, sociology and psychology. Pursuing education at the masters level, I received an MS in education specializing in teaching reading and writing to those challenged by important life skills. The arts proved to be a viable, functional avenue to open the door to the acquisition of these skills for many students. When mind, heart and hands work together, an individual brings learning to a different experience. 

My own creative process has served me well learning in and outside of a structured classroom. It has been an avenue for spiritual, mental and physical healing. It has been the tool turned to when teaching and guiding. It is a lens to bring perspective.

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