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November 2017 Featured Member of the month

Yvonne Steere

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Bio: Educated in Massachusetts universities, I hold a multidisciplinary baccalaureate in education, sociology and psychology. Pursuing education at the masters level, I received an MS in education specializing in teaching reading and writing to those challenged by important life skills. The arts proved to be a viable, functional avenue to open the door to the acquisition of these skills for many students. When mind, heart and hands work together, an individual brings learning to a different experience. 

My own creative process has served me well learning in and outside of a structured classroom. It has been an avenue for spiritual, mental and physical healing. It has been the tool turned to when teaching and guiding. It is a lens to bring perspective.

Be sure to see her interview with Lizdiel Ramos-Hering below.

Yvonne Steere


Mighty Twilight

Tailored Jacket.jpg

Tailored Jacket

Wall Hanging Village Scene.jpg

Wall Hanging Village Scene

Just a Little Hunny.jpg

Just a Little Hunny



The VNA Hospice requested help to cover their new bulletin boards with pretty fabric. Each one would be placed in a patient’s room, a space for honoring life memories and well wishes. I’d spoken briefly with Yvonne Steere at AITP and noted her lovely Fiber Art. With that in mind I reached out to her. Luckily she reached back. We discovered that we both needed to serve the mission of Hospice House. Recently, grief had visited both of us. This task was a way for us to walk that path. This simple project had deep meaning. I was touched by Yvonne’s professionalism and vulnerability, her directness and kindness. I wanted to get to know Yvonne and so began my conversation with a new friend, our first member interview on our new website.

Between the ocean and the lagoon on a quiet street, the sound of tires on the crushed rock driveway, calls from the house the noisy Sheltie, Fergus with his family in tow. He knows to sit and stay but he greeted me with barks and kisses. His parents invited me in. Fergus lead the way. When we were seated, he rested at our feet. Humans have gathered around the hearth since time began. Husband Chris, Yvonne and I gathered around the kitchen counter. Yvonne spoke of their arrival in Vero, of making new, best friends while volunteering at Under the Oaks, Art Trail and Art in the Park. When called upon she became a quiet, authentic leader.

I posed the usual questions, “What inspired your interest in Fiber Art? How did you get started?” I expected college, training. Yvonne’s response blew me away. “NANA WAS MAGNIFICENT”.

With Nana's skill of sewing, at a time when a single, working mother was looked down on, she fed her 4 children and she housed 4 neighborhood orphans. She nurtured hearts, souls and loving minds.  “Nana was magnificent. She taught me and my sister to sew. Nana taught me how to love.” Yvonne carries on that legacy. Even now the idea of the pure grandparent love grabs a hold of the imagination.

Rapid Fire

L - What turns you off creatively, spiritually, emotionally?
Y - Closed minds. An unwillingness to see from a different perspective, can’t shift.

L - What turns you on creatively, spiritually, emotionally?
Y - Creatively - Color. “I am in awe of the healing power of the creative process. What will heal the emotion, feed the spiritual condition.”
Y - Spiritually - New growth, hope, sunrises, rainbows, dogs barking, a gecko eating in your presence, taking life in.
Y - Emotionally - The ability to connect with people other than superficially. I like depth. I want to know, “How is your heart today?”.

A brief encounter at AITP, an email from VNA, a new web page, one never knows what door will open. Treading lightly with silver slippers we will encounter the beauty. Even now Yvonne’s nana is giving. Yvonne said, “I have a need to put needle and thread to cloth, to make something out of color, hopefully what women want to wear.” Ever evolving Yvonne, is also creating 2 and 3 dimensional wall pieces and quilts.  

Liz RH 10/12/17

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