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Miracle Mile Banners

In 2016 when the Vero Beach Art Club was celebrating their 80th Anniversary, a new activity was started. Artists we able to sponsor a banner to hang on the lampposts in the Miracle Mile shopping plaza for 18 months. The artists were able to design the banner with their artwork and it included the artists name and contact information. The banners come down briefly at the holidays, but go back up after the holidays are over.

We love promoting our artists with this public display and have decided to a make this a permanent activity.



This new set of banners will stay up from JANUARY, 2018* until about the FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER, 2019 when the banners will go down for that season's holiday decorations. (Banners will be temporarily removed in December 2018 for Holiday Decorations and put back up in Early January 2019 and will remain until permanent removal in December 2019 for the Holiday Decorations. January 2020 will be the next set of new Banners. Information for new applicants will be posted the summer of 2019.

DEADLINE: TBD (summer) 2019

If you have questions please contact:
Randy Singleton

* Please keep in mind that the City of Vero Beach works on their own schedule when installing and removing our banners. They do this free of charge. As this schedule is out of our hands our installation and removal times are approximate.

Choose a banner image, coordinate with ABC for a fabulous banner of your artistic work that will be hung for about TWENTY MONTHS on one of the busiest shopping areas in Vero Beach! Email your artwork to:
ABC Printing:

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