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September 2018 Juliet Bacchas

Bio: I grew up in beautiful Jamaica and moved to the US in 2001. I co-own the Juliet Rose Pottery Studio in Monson, Ma., for seventeen years now. I'm a graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston Jamaica. While I was in college I was introduced to a very unique hand-building technique call African Coiling. African coiling originates in West Africa and is widely use in Jamaica. This is my predominant technique, which I am truly honored and blessed to be a part of. For 17 years I have traveled through the New England states with my best friend and business partner (Linda Spelko) doing art festivals and group exhibitions. In addition, I organized and taught Pottery classes and workshops (hand-building and wheel throwing) at our studio. I have also instructed workshops and demonstrations at the Springfield Museum in Springfield, MA; Umass Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts in Amherst, MA; Holyoke Art League in Holyoke, MA; Wilbraham Art League in Wilbraham, MA. My works are in locations such as The Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA; Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen in Lancaster, PA; The Cornell Museum Gift Store in Florida.

Mediums: I work with stoneware clay. 
My works are fired in an electric kiln between 1800-2300 degrees.

Why do you create art?: Mostly I create art because I must........but also because I have been blessed with a talent that allows me to carry on the story.......a story of my culture, beauty and the legacy of ceramics for the next generation. I feel tremendously honored to be part of that thread.

What inspires your art?: I am always inspired by Nature, particularly that of the tropical landscape. But mostly ...I am inspired by love and I am filled with joy when I can transfer that love to others through my work. I am also drawn to the story of people and their lives.......the story that we don't always see when we meet someone or look at something.
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#1- _ Tropical Calabash.jpg

Tropical Calabash

Hand build with technique African Coiling from bottom up. Hand carved with images of Jamaican humming bird- Doctor Bird, stylized ginger and breadfruit leaves. Then hand cut negative spaces. Glazed fired to 2300degrees in an electric kiln. size-h23xw10. $450.00

#4- _ Carved Vessel.jpg

Carved Vessel

Hand-build with African coiling technique from bottom up. Hand carved with lines of tropical foliage, then cut out negative spaces. Glazed with green glaze and wiped off in areas. H10xw7.

#2-_Message in a Bottle.jpg
#2-_Message in a bottle_3 hearts inside.jpg

Message in a Bottle

Hand-build with African coiling technique from bottom up. Hand carved with images of stylized flowering ginger and breadfruit leaves. Then cut out negative spaces. Three hand-build hearts on the inside with their own stories. glazed fired to 2300 degrees in an electric kiln. H24xw20xd10. $900.00

#3-_Wash Day.jpg.jpg
#3- _Wash Dayjamaican wash day scene.jpg

Wash Day

Hand-build with African coiling technique from bottom up. Hand carved with images of the breadfruit leaves, Doctor bird on the outside. On the inside hand carved typical Jamaican wash day scene. Then cut out negative spaces. H14xw26. $790.00

#5-_ Red Blush_ Fruit Bowl.jpg

Red Blush

Hand-build with African Coiling technique from bottom up. Hand carved with lyrical foliage lines and cut out negative spaces. Clear glaze inside and red glaze on outside. H14xw12xD5". $300.00

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