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August 2019 Gary Freed

Bio: Influenced by his landscape architect father, Gary began to sketch through a child’s eyes at an early age. He briefly pursued architecture himself, before being drawn into the field of physics and an academic career. He holds a Ph.D. from Florida Institute of Technology.

Intrigued by the transparency of watercolors, they also satisfied his desire to produce art expeditiously, allowing him to travel lightly and paint en plein air. His subjects are usually those things we see around us every day, but capture the still child-like imagination and wonder of them.

Mediums: Watercolor

Why do you create art?: To interpret and capture what may be gone tomorrow.

What inspires your art?: That which we may walk by too quickly and fail to hear the story it tells.

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Foster and the Coconut Truck_sm.jpg

Foster and the Coconut Truck

Still Life_sm.jpg

Still Life

Disney Landing_sm.jpg

Disney Landing

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