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March 2018 Dawn Miller


Bio: I remember, as a child, discovering my Mother's easel in the basement. Tubes of color, cans of brushes and magic on the canvas. With seven children, she found time to teach me to draw. More than that, how to see.
My careers were diverse and not directly related to art, but the desire kept resurfacing. When time and space opened, I started studying in earnest with excellent teachers. They taught me how to paint and to teach. 
A friend and artist offered me a chance to study at the Art Students League in NYC for a summer. Although humbling, terrifying really, I learned then that a career in art was possible.
The art community in Vero has been very supportive: I was hired onto the faculty of the VBMA, co-founded a successful Gallery and have been fortunate to teach, show and sell my work around the country. I now teach and paint in my home studio.
Come see me at Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show on March 9th ,10th ,& 11th from 10:00am – 4:00 pm.

Mediums: My principle medium is soft pastels, but I originally studied and worked in watercolor. Drawing is my backbone and I still delight in the simplicity of pencil and paper. I also work in acrylics and oil but always returned to the directness of pastels.

Why do you create art?: I see and respond to things that I am compelled to translate into paintings, sometimes words. For me, they need a visual voice.

What inspires your art?: What inspires my art? Light. objects, people and places that age with grace, determination and dignity. The sea, sky and the peace of a marsh.
You may remember seeing Dawn as our Guest Artists Demonstrator at our January General Meeting.

Morning Light 12 x 16 soft pastel_sm.jpg

Morning Light 12 x 16 soft pastel

Cosmos 8 x 10 pastels_sm.jpg

Cosmos 8 x 10 pastels

'after Gauguin 9 x 12 soft pastels_sm.jpg

V'after Gauguin 9 x 12 soft pastels

Farmhouse Pitcher 9 x 12 soft pastel_sm.jpg

Farmhouse Pitcher 9 x 12 soft pastel

Afternoon Hollow 12 x 16 pastels_sm.jpg

Afternoon Hollow 12 x 16 pastels

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