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June 2018 Felice Cirelli

Bio: As a long time drummer since the age of twelve, the arts have always been a part of my life. I first discovered my love of the visual arts back in 1973, when I took my first art class as an elective in college. My art teacher at the time entered several of my works in various shows, and to my surprise, I won several placements in these shows. I continued to paint for a few years post college, but eventually stopped. Around this point in my life, I became a teacher of the Social Sciences and soon started a family, putting my love of the arts to the side. Once my children were launched, I began to pursue the musical side of the arts and played in several rock and country bands in the Tampa Bay area. Upon retirement from teaching, and moving to Vero Beach two years ago, I began to paint again. Looking back at it all, I don't know why I stopped both painting and playing music, but I'm certainly very pleased to have found such a wonderful art community here in Vero Beach.

Mediums: Acrylic paint on canvas.

Why do you create art?: Art to me is a representation of life not an exact duplication of it. Art should allow the individual the ability to dream and interpret what they see or hear. It is for these reasons that a truly love to create art.

What inspires your art?: Nature inspires my art. I love the impressionistic style of panting and I try to incorporate these techniques in my paintings. I enjoy using the loose brush style along with the pallet knife and incorporate bright, vivid colors.
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Autumn Glory.jpeg

Autumn Glory

Seeing Red (abstract).JPG

Seeing Red (abstract)


Autumn Path.jpg

Autumn Path

Untamed Seacoast.jpeg

Untamed Seacoast

Forest Pond (sold in museum art show).jpg

Forest Pond

(sold at a recent show)

Candle and Bottle.jpg

Candle and Bottle

Red Water Lillies.jpeg
Tulips in Vase.jpeg

Red Water Lillies

Tulips in Vase

Field of Fire.JPG

Field of Fire

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