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July 2018 Steve Strickland

Bio: I studied art at East Carolina University in the late 60's I never finished thinking art was a tough career to make a living. 
I eventually decided doing what you love is more important than money, as long as you can make a living doing that thing you love.
So in 1978 I began a full time career as an artist. I have tried almost everything and am grateful that I have gotten by.
And to make it better most of that time I have been blessed to live in places that inspire me, mostly Hawaii.
And now I have new inspiration and am looking forward to finishing my career here in Vero Beach.
As long as I can pick up a brush or pencil, I will continue.

Mediums: Oil, acrylic, scrimshaw, intaglio prints, and an occasional sculpture in a variety of materials.
Not to forget pencil and pen and ink drawing.

Why do you create art?: I simply am trying to share what I find beautiful with others, anyone that appreciates it.
I also like a challenge, so I keep challenging myself.

What inspires your art?: Natural beauty to make it simple.
I believe God created a world of magnificent beauty and my art is just a celebration of that beauty.
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Storm Surge



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