Vero Beach Art Club

Timeline of our history


The "Vero Beach Sketch Club" is formed in November, Jeanette Beach and five other artists formed the club, they met every Monday evening during the winter months to discuss art. Founding members were: Jeanette Beach, Gladys Damerow, Agnes Gay, Rosalie Taylor Hume, Ruth Jett, Mrs. John Coker, Beverly Michael Graves, Hubert Graves, Garnet Hanshaw, Jeanette Merriman, Col. Will Platten, Dorothy Poole, Leo Schlitt, Mary Taylor Young.


We held our first exhibition comprised of artists from Ft. Pierce to Sebastian on March 22, 1937 in Jeanette Beach’s home. The Art Club joined the Florida Federation Of Art.


Formal organization of the Art Club.

By-Laws were drafted.

We held our first outdoor art show, which became "Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show".


The “Sketch Club” was renamed “The Vero Beach Art Club” and had 60 members.


Articles of re-incorporation were drawn up and signed by Miss Elena K. Mead as President, Mrs. Mark Jefferson as Corresponding Secretary, T.A. Peebles, Peter A. Lindquist, J.H. Conn, Mrs. Harry Damerow, Mrs. J.L. Hutchinson, Elena K. Mead, Martin Hoag, W.E. Sexton all of Vero Beach. There were 60 members at that time.



First publication of the Art Club’s goal was printed by the Press Journal, Art Club was re- incorporated, Mrs. William J. Walters, vice president at the time, was chair of the Mistletoe Market.

Vero Beach Art Club began negotiations with City to obtain a site for the purpose of building an Art Academy and Gallery.


Art Academy and Gallery by-laws were drafted and a space rented at 1965 14th Avenue to establish first Art School.


Vero Beach Art Club began a cooperative relationship with the "Alliance for the Arts" in an attempt to further the building of an art-centered facility.


First annual Art in the Park is held at Humiston Park.


Vero Beach Art Club & Center for Arts (museum) joined forces to become "Alliance for the Arts".


The Vero Beach Art Club & Center for Arts signed a joint "Agreement" of cooperation.


The Vero Beach Museum of Art opens on Riverside Drive.


First Annual Art by the Sea Show and Sale was held.


70th Anniversary Celebration took place on Thursday, November 2 at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of the Vero Beach Museum of Art.


First Annual Art Trail is held at artists studios around Vero Beach.


75th Anniversary Celebration was held on April 21st, 2011 in Holmes Great Hall at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.


First Annual Art-tini Show and Sale by SpringHill Suites Marriott.


First Annual Art on the Island Show and Sale was held at Marsh Island Clubhouse.


September 2016 marked the first year for the Vero Beach Art Club members being able to purchase a banner to hang at Miracle Mile. The banners are a wonderful way to showcase your work with your contact information. These banners hang prominently in the Miracle Mile shopping district for 18 months (excluding the temporary removal during the holiday season).



80th Anniversary Celebration was held on November 3rd, 2016 at the Community Center.


The Vero Beach Art Club Board of Directors' approved the new President's Award in the amount of $100 in honor of our past President Rebecca VanCordt. It will be awarded in any category to a participant in Art By the Sea each year.