Vero Beach Art Club

Timeline of our history


The first person here in Vero Beach to form a group interested in art was Miss Jeannette Beach. Six persons met at her home on 21st Ave. on Jan. 15, 1936. They called themselves the “Sketch Club”. The name of the six were Miss Jeannette Beach, Mrs. Harry Damerow, Mrs. Dorothy Poole, Mrs. Agnes Gay, Mrs. Ruth Jett and Robert Reid.

There was a similar group in Sebastian, organized by Mrs. Virginia Jordon and Maj. William J. Patten.


On Feb. 8, 1937 the group from Sebastian joined with the Vero group forming the Club we have today, and called themselves the Vero Beach Sketch Club.

Mar. 22, 1937 found the group lacking on member of having enough to join the National Federation, so Mrs. E. J. Burtt, who had been meeting with them during the winter months was asked to join.

Charter members are listed as Miss Jeannette Beach, Mrs. Garnet Hanshaw, Major William Patten, Mrs. Roaslee Hume, Mrs. Virginia Jordan, Miss Mary Taylor, Miss Catherine Carter, Mrs. John Coker, Count Frederick de Berg, Mrs. Harry Damerow, Mrs. Sara Houghton, Mr. A. E. Backus, Mr. H. R. French, Miss Louise Dodge, Miss Edna Tyler, Miss Margaret Gaines, Miss Mary Newman, Arthur Talbert and Henry Dickson.

Others that joined that year of 1937 were Mrs. B. L. Mead, Miss Elena K. Mead, Mrs. Meta Chesser, Mrs. Annette McNaught, and Mr. Leo Schlitt.

That same year the Club joined the Florida State Federation of Art and Mr. A. E. Backus assisted in their getting organized and arranged for the members to display 13 pictures at St. Augustine where the annual meeting was held that year.

The first art exhibit of the Club was held at Miss Jeannette Beach’s home on March 22, 1937.


Formal organization of the Art Club.

By-Laws were drafted.

 The membership rolls for 1950-1953 are listed below:
            1950 – 11 members
            1951 - 25 members
            1952 – 31 members
            1953 - 65 members



We held our first outdoor art show, “Winter Art Show” which later was renamed "Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show".

The “Sketch Club” was renamed “The Vero Beach Art Club” and had over 60 members.


In 1954 the Club was incorporated, and the corporate papers were signed June 1954 by T. A. Peebles, Peter Lundquist, J. H. Coon, Mrs. Mark Jefferson, Mrs. Harry Damerow, Mrs. J. L. Hutchinson, Elena K. Mead, Martin Hoag, W. E. Sexton.

Officers listed in their records when incorporated were President Miss Elena Mead, J. P. Durham, Vice President; Mrs. J. A. Hessler, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Mark Jefferson, Corresponding Secretary; and George Warrell, Treasurer.



First publication of the Art Club’s goal was printed by the Press Journal, the Art Club was re- incorporated, Mrs. William J. Walters, vice president at the time, was chair of the Mistletoe Market.

Throughout the years the aims of the Vero Beach Art Club has been the same: 1. To promote an interest in art. 2. To give those who have a taste for art an incentive to indulge their hobby. 3. To supplement teaching of art in the schools. 4. To provide an art center for Vero Beach.

We held our monthly meeting in the Air Base Administration Building (now the Vero Beach Regional Airport Admin Bldg), 3400 Cherokee Drive.



The Vero Beach Art Club held its October 5, 1967 Meeting in its new headquarters in the Women’s Club building on the corner of 21st Street and 15th Avenue. The west end of the Women's Club, presently known as the "green room" has been taken over by the Art Club.

This was the logo used in a 1971 History document. We are still researching to find the years this logo was in use. It was said “At the time of the writing of the Vero Beach Art Club History there were 129 members.”

VB Logo 1971sm.jpg


Vero Beach Art Club began negotiations with City to obtain a site for the purpose of building an Art Academy and Gallery. We also held a meeting on 3/20/75 in the South Hall of the Vero Beach Community Center Building at 2140 14th Avenue (now known as the Heritage Center) built in 1935.

The Workshop Gallery Committee offered its “House Tour” of artists’ studios in their homes on Saturday, November 9th. Tickets were sold for $2.00 and the proceeds went to the Workshop Gallery. The tour was for members and their friends only. This would eventually evolve into Art Trail which is now open to the public and includes 10 artist's’ studios homes.


Membership Directory was created. The Directory included a list of officers, members, committee chairs, upcoming exhibits, and more.

There were 174 members in the book. Of those, 3 were LIFE members, 3 were HONORARY members and 2 were ASSOCIATE members.

Dues shall be paid annually, covering the fiscal year. (Official year ends April 30th - begins May 1st). Dues paid in March or April shall date from the following October 1.

Dues shall be payable October 1 and delinquent December 1.
1. Active Members $5
2. Associate Members $7
3. Sustaining Members $10
4. Life Members $100
5. Patrons $1,000

Meetings at this time were held in the South Club Room in the Vero Beach Community Center on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The meetings began at 7:30p.m. and the program started at 8:00p.m.

Cover designed by Bernard Goldberg

Cover designed by Bernard Goldberg


Art Club Is In A New Spot
Sunday, February 22, 1976 printed in the Press Journal

The Vero Beach Art Club has moved it art and craft shop from the former location in the 2001 Building to a new spot at 1935 Old Dixie. The shop ow has a new name, “The Movable Feast”, and a very different look. Bright yellow carpeting greets the eye of the customer. Dark paneling sets off the attractive paintings and macramé hangings.

“The Movable Feast” operates as an outlet for the work of local artists and craftsmen. Betty Komarisky and a committee of Club members direct operations of the business. It is expected that some 45 artists will be showing their paintings and crafts. Presently, the doors are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Saturday. New consignments are being received daily. As in the past, only original creations will be shown.

The Art Club hopes that this shop will afford the public the opportunity of buying and hanging original work at very fair prices. “There is an increasing awareness of the value of art. More people are shopping for paintings for their homes and for gifts.” Reported Mrs. Komarisky.

Eden Gray, Danola Baxter, Robert McCall and Glenn Jones are the other members of the shop committee.


Article Art Club in New Spot.jpg

Art Academy and Gallery by-laws were drafted and a space rented at 1965 14th Avenue to establish the first Art School. We opened a new Gallery at 1969 14th Avenue.


This artwork was used on the cover of the Membership Directory done in 1977-1978.


VBAC Logo mid - late 70s_sm.jpg

Vero Beach Art Club began a cooperative relationship with the "Alliance for the Arts" in an attempt to further the building of an art-centered facility.


The Winter Art Show which later became Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show

The Winter Art Show which later became Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show

First annual Art in the Park is held at Humiston Park.


Vero Beach Art Club & Center for Arts (museum) joined forces to become "Alliance for the Arts".

In 1981 our membership grew to 247.

This logo was used on our Palette Patter Newsletters.


Palette Patter Logo Newsletters.png


In 1984 the Art Club decided not to renew its lease on 14th avenue and moved to a new space at 733 22nd Street. The membership was approaching 400 at that time, hoping to grow it to over 500 with a membership drive.

Curtis McMichael designed a new “Logo” for the Club. It appeared on the September 1984 Newsletter. Prior to that issue the newsletter was called the Palette Patter with a different logo.

VB Logo 1990s.jpg


The Vero Beach Art Club & Center for Arts signed a joint "Agreement" of cooperation and signed a 50 year land lease with the City of Vero Beach.

The Golden 50th Anniversary of Vero Beach Art Club celebration was held a the Center For the Arts. In that year they sponsored 3 major shows: “Under the Oaks”, the “Florida Competitive” and the “Members’ Juried Show”. We held a Sunday afternoon Lecture Series which raised funds for the Education Wing. We also revived a favorite feature the Thursday Evening Demonstration Series.

The Vero Beach Museum of Art opens on Riverside Drive.


The President’s Message stated that membership totals 485 with 92 new members joining over the past year.


First Annual Art by the Sea Show and Sale was held.


The Vero Beach Art Club had their first exhibition at the new Indian River County Library. It continues today and changes quarterly. It is now open to all 2D Club Member Artists. This poster was in our Club archives.


1992 Original Exhibit Poster sm.png

The Vero Beach Art Club opened a gallery in the north wing of the Vero Mall (now known as the 12th Street Plaza on US 1). We held our January 8, 1998 meeting there.


On May 15, 1998 the Vero Beach Art Club and the Center for the Arts moved to a temporary location at Luria’s Plaza located at 909 14th Ln (also known as the Vero Mall). We also had a Gallery location at the Indian River Mall on SR 60. We had a Members Exhibition from October 2 – November 15 at the Indian River Mall Gallery. It was called the “OFFCENTER GALLERY”. We moved back into the current location at 3001 Riverside Park Dr. on May 24, 1999.


We held our meetings at the River House 305 Acacia Rd (just north of the Barber Bridge).

“On the official opening date, the Center for the Arts featured, in the Florida Gallery, artworks donated to the Center by the Vero Beach Art Club since 1987. Dates for the exhibition are December 18, 1999 - January 2, 2000.”

On February 2, 2000 we held our first meeting in the Leonhardt Auditorium after the Grand Opening of Center for the Arts. Meetings are still held there today.

In the January 2000 Newsletter, members were directed to make a change to membership dues.
”A Member may become a Life Member for $300, to be paid upon application for such membership. A Family Membership is available at $35 (annually), with one voter per family.”


Our newest (and current) logo was launched in the August/September 2005 Newsletter. Members participated in a contest for a new logo design and Larry Donghia had the winning entry. The announcement was made in the newsletter with this notice:
”The Logo Contest Winner is Larry Donghia. Please join with your Board of Directors and myself in congratulating Larry for a job well done. We wish to thank Larry for his insight in creating a design that captures the essence of the many events of the Art Club. (Art By the Sea, Art In the Park and Under the Oaks) with the representation of the tree, sun/moon over the undulating water of the ocean.” Rita E. Faillace, President.

The Board also voted to change everyone’s membership renewal date to September, starting in 2005. This was done in an effort to streamline office procedures, reduce costs associated with monthly mailings, and maintain and update the membership list.



70th Anniversary Celebration took place on Thursday, November 2 at 7:00 pm in the Great Hall of the Vero Beach Museum of Art.


First Annual Art Trail is held at artists’ studios around Vero Beach.


75th Anniversary Celebration was held on April 21st, 2011 in Holmes Great Hall at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.


First Annual Art-tini Show and Sale by SpringHill Suites Marriott.


This article was published in our December 2012 Newsletter

This article was published in our December 2012 Newsletter

First Annual Art on the Island Show and Sale was held at Marsh Island Clubhouse.


September 2016 marked the first year for the Vero Beach Art Club members being able to purchase a banner to hang at Miracle Mile. The banners are a wonderful way to showcase your work with your contact information. These banners hang prominently in the Miracle Mile shopping district for 18 months (excluding the temporary removal during the holiday season).



80th Anniversary Celebration was held on November 3rd, 2016 at the Community Center.


The Vero Beach Art Club Board of Directors' approved the new President's Award in the amount of $100 in honor of our past President Rebecca VanCordt. It will be awarded in any category to a participant in Art By the Sea each year.

The Vero Beach Art Club launched its newest awards. The first is the Ron Miller Spirit of Volunteerism Award given out to a volunteer member who has gone above and beyond. Click on the link below for details. Our first winner is Lionel Ogilvie



Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show launched their newest award, The Ron Miller Award: Friend, Artist, Volunteer - Excellence in Art, and was given to Minakshi De who entered in the Oil/Acrylic category.