Vero Beach Art Club

Painted Bench for auction

in 2015, the good ladies of Rita Sprague's Open Studio banded together to paint a bench built and donated by James Drinkard. The bench was auctioned off at the "Cherish the Children" auction to help the Hibiscus Children's Center. Alicia Quinn was the coordinator of the project and Ronie Fuster transported the bench to my garage plus she bought all of the paint. Many thanks go out to Rita Sprague, Marion Vrusho, Chris Aiton, Connie Fernandez, Sue Dinenno, Alicia Quinn and Mary Ellen Koser.  After painting, mimosas and refreshments were enjoyed. A 2nd round of volunteers who also deserve a big thank you for putting the final artistic touches on the bench for Hibiscus Children’s Center benefit: Sue Dinenno, Judy Rixom, Rita Ziegler and Mary Ellen Koser.

2015 Bench 2nd group.jpg
2015 Bench 1st group a.jpg