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February 2018

Justine Perdunn Kovacs

Justine and Sandpiper Point.jpg

Bio: I have undergraduate degrees from Syracuse University in Graphic Art and Applied Arts and pursued a career in Journalism. I am a certified landscape Consultant and Master Flower Show Judge. Over the years I have studied at the New School, NYC and with A. Getz, Betty Stroppel, Lee Hughs and most recently, John C. Traynor.

Medium: My current artwork specialty is Plein Air Impressionism

Why do you create art?: I have always been interested in creating art whether on the page, in clothing, flower design, landscaping or on paper and canvas. My own painting career started out of a desire to have affordable art on our walls!

What inspires your art?: My creative drive is brought out by a blank canvas

Justine w. Sandpiper Point

South Vero Beach.jpg

South Vero Beach



Silent Maid.jpg

Silent Maid

Afternoon Delight.jpg

Afternoon Delight





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