Downtown Friday

Welcome Applicants

Run by Main Street Vero Beach and always the LAST Friday of the Month (No downtown Friday in March and December)

The Vero Beach Art Club will have a booth at Downtown Friday six Fridays this season!  We want everyone to know about the Club.  We will have our Club information promoting all of our events, membership, sponsorship/donation, and volunteer opportunities.  We also want to showcase what we do at the Art Club and have an opportunity for the first 10 Art Club members who apply to show and sell one piece of their artwork.

WHAT:  Mainstreet Vero Beach's Downtown Friday (2036 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960)

WHERE:  Along 14th Avenue and SR 60 (20th Street) in Historic Downtown Vero Beach

WHEN: (Dates the Art Club will be participating)

6pm-9pm Friday,  November 30, 2018

6pm-9pm Friday,  January 25, 2019

6pm-9pm Friday,  February 22, 2019

6pm-9pm Friday,  July 27, 2018 (rained out)

6pm-9pm Friday,  August 31, 2018

6pm-9pm Friday,  September 28, 2018

6pm-9pm Friday, October 26, 2018


·         Space is limited. First 10 Vero Beach Art Club Member accepted.  (Application must be filled out and waiver signed
by accepted artists) - Membership must be current with dues paid to participate.

·         The Club reserves the right to reject entries deemed inappropriate.

·         One piece of artwork per person.

·         Maximum size of hanging artwork including frame is 32" on any side.

·         Maximum weight of hanging pieces is 18lbs.

·         All framed and gallery wrapped pieces must be properly wired.  No saw tooth hangers.

·         All mediums accepted.  (We have a table to set non hanging pieces on, but artwork needs to be of the type that it is safe to set on table or artist must provide safe display that accommodates outdoor showing within a 10x10 foot tent space.)

·         Artwork must be dropped off day of event by 5:00pm and picked up by 9:20pm ($25 late fee).  Artwork needs to stay for the duration of the event (unless sold) because we are not allowed to breakdown until 9pm.

·         Participating artists are encouraged to stay for the duration to represent their artwork.  The artist is responsible for their own sales and must provide a tax ID number (if artwork is for sale), as the Art Club will not collect sales, nor pay sales tax for any artworks sold. 

·         The sales commission to the Vero Beach Art Club will be 15%.

·         Hawking is not allowed in the street by City ordinance. Sell/display behind table only.

·         You are responsible for disposing all of your trash. Do not leave any items behind.

·         In the event of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled by 3:00pm and you will be notified by phone and email.

·         Liability: The Club makes every effort to protect exhibited artwork, but cannot accept liability for loss or damage. Artists entering Downtown Friday acknowledge and accept this as a condition of entry.


·         We need someone to  let us borrow their outdoor art display panels for 10 hanging artwork pieces for each of the 6 months.  If the person lending the panels has artwork to display, they do not have to pay the 15% commission on artwork sold.

·         We need a minimum of two people to volunteer to man the tent.  The more the merrier! ***

*** If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Volunteer Coordinators. We encourage participating artists to stay and help man the tent, but we can always use setup and teardown help.

Eric Frederiksen

Stephanie Lovallo