Vero Beach Art Club

December 2017 FEatured Member of the month

Arlene Willnow

Arlene wiith Two Faced..jpg

Bio: I began oil painting in the late 70's as a hobby. But did little with it. In 2010, my daughter took me to IR photo club. I began taking pictures of everything. Because of my excitement with photography, my children bought me a camera, tripod, and all sorts of attachments. I have been having a love affair with photography since. Recently I got out the oils and began doing some pictures. I have had no training in either photography or painting. Just really enjoy them.

Why do you create art?: I become totally involved. Very relaxing.

What turns on your creative drive?: I'm competitive - I want to find new ways to express beauty.

Arlene Willnow on the right with her creating called "Two Faced"

Keeping an eye on you.jpg

Keeping an Eye on You

Sweet nectar.jpg

Sweet Nectar

Distorted reflection.jpg

Distorted Reflection

Sad Little Fellow.jpg

Sad Little Fellow

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