Vero Beach Art club

Community Within a Community

At our Summer Potluck General Meetings held in members' homes, we present our Community Within a Community program (started in 2016). It is a time to share your talent with our Club members to help them learn about your work and ask questions. This also give members an opportunity to see our artist's artwork and help them recognize it in our shows, events, and exhibits. We would love to have you share your talent with us, so please join us during the summer months at our members' homes to present your favorite piece.

Past Community Within a Community Exhibits

Our Summer Potluck Meetings also offer our "Community within a Community" program.

COMMUNITY WITHIN A COMMUNITY: We want people to readily be able to recognize our members and the amazing artwork they are creating. For each of our four Summer Potluck Meetings we want the artists to bring a sample of their work. Pick out your favorite work to display. “Show and tell” will not be necessary; you don’t have to give a presentation or anything, but showing what you do will give you the opportunity to “talk shop” with fellow artists of the same interests. Photos are from past Community Within a Community artwork by Club Members.