Vero Beach Art Club

Bethel Creek House Mural

The completed mural

Designer and project manager Lee G Smith created a beautiful scene on the north side of the historic Bethel Creek House depicting Jaycee Beach.

LGS_ Sketch BethelCreekHouseNorthWall.jpeg

Lee presented 2 different sketches to the Recreation Department and the City Council for approval. They chose the panoramic beach scene. The scene includes the Lifeguard station. Classes for the lifeguards are provided at the Bethel Creek House. After approval, Lee arranged a painting schedule with The Bethel Creek House and a donation of paint and brushes from  Don Smith’s Paint And Decorating. The City coordinated a date for painting the cinder blocks with a red underpainting and trimming of the foliage directly in front of the building’s  wall.

Lee painting the preliminary sketch on the “red” wall.

Lionel Ogilvie (left) and Tillman Maxwell (right) painting on ladders.

Lee G. Smith (left) and Sherry Haaland (right) pose in front of the completed mural.

Gail Dolphin painting the lower half.


Sue Dinenno painting seagrass and foliage.  Here she is on the right painting foliage with Lee on the left.

Carol Bennett volunteered her help painting foliage on the lower portion.

Lee was assisted by the following Art Club volunteers: Carol Bennett, May Brandt, Sue Dinenno, Gail Dolphin, Sherry Haaland, Tillman Maxwell, Lionel Ogilvie, and Fran SanMiguel. A special thanks to Lionel Sherry and Tillman for doing the high parts on the ladders. Very special thanks to Sherry who suggested and painted in the additional clouds on the scene. Mural completion took a combined total of approximately 40 hours.

The Finishing Touches

Lee G. Smith added some final details painting a cap (left) and an umbrella (right).


Mr. Britton Smith, owner of Don Smith's Paint and Decorating, donated the paint and art supplies.With paint and wide bristle brushes donated by Don Smith Paint and Decorating the mural came to life.

The next time you are driving on the A1A down by Jaycee Park, be sure to stop and see the mural. It is on the north side of the historic Bethel Creek House overlooking the Bethel Creek (across from the park - on the west side).

Vero Beach Art Club members Left to Right:
Carol Bennett painter, May Brandt painter, Lee G. Smith Designer and Project Manager, Sue Dinenno President, Nancy Reeves, Barry Shapiro and Judy Mercer Board Members.

The mural was dedicated on August 19, 2015. Present (left to right) Vero Beach Art Club President Sue Dinenno, artist May Brandt, Project Manager Lee G. Smith, Vero Beach Vice Mayor Jay Kramer and Mayor Dick Winger. This is the fourth mural the Club has donated to the city.