Vero Beach Art Club

12th Annual Art Trail 2019



For those interested in opening their studios for Art Trail, here are a few simple stipulations. Must be handicapped accessible for the public, and in the greater Vero Beach area. See application for details.

The Art Trail gives artists, residents and visitors a chance to see artist working in their studios. What a wonderful way to introduce children to the art world than by seeing art being created before their very eyes.


Saturday, December 7, 2019 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Various studios in and around Vero Beach - a map will be provided when you purchase your tickets (they will go on sale this fall)


Applications may be made online or by printing and filling out a paper application. No fees are collected during the application process. The fee will only be charged once you have been accepted. You may download and print an application for informational purposes, but the Deadline for 2019 HAS PASSED.


August 15, 2019 - HAS PASSED

INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS - Please Read before applying:

-   You do not have to be a member of the Vero Beach Art Club to participate. 

-   Artists who participated on the trail in the previous two years (2017 or 2018) are not eligible in 2019.

-   Incomplete applications will not be considered.

-   All artists and their work must be pre-approved by a jury committee. We will contact you for an interview before selection.

-   If selected, a $25 member or a $75 non-member participation fee (includes a 1 year membership) will be required.

 As a participant, you agree to:

Application Deadline: Must be in Office by August 15, 2019.
1. Visitors must have easy access to your studio. (Please check with your subdivision or homeowners association to be sure that they do not prohibit this kind of event before applying. Count on at least 100 - 200 people and up to 250 at most but will not be there at the same time.)

2. Parking spaces should accommodate at least 10 cars around your home / studio.

3. Artists are required to offer refreshments & snacks

4. Artists should provide an inviting exterior to welcome guests at the entrance.

A greeter will be provided by the Club to take tickets but you will be responsible for providing your own helper to protect your art and home as well as help with sales.

You are strongly encouraged to demonstrate your art and/or display your creative process.

Additional Information if selected

1. We will communicate via email the time and date of a group photo shoot, which we will use for advertising. We will ask you to bring a piece of your work to include in the group photo.

2. We will provide you with tickets to help us sell the event. A portion of our proceeds goes towards education and scholarships.

3. We will provide you with an art club volunteer to verify and sell tickets at the entrance of your studio/home. In advance of the event, we will email you the name and info for the volunteer(s) we are sending to your location to verify tickets. You will need to provide further volunteers (perhaps family, friends or neighbors) to serve food or refreshments, ensure that people do not park on lawns, and securely watch your property for you.

4. Volunteers are of course rewarded with hours recorded on their volunteer time cards but be advised that if your volunteer(s) wants to spend part of the day visiting other Art Trail sites, then they must purchase a half-price ticket for $15.

5. It is optional, but recommended that you keep a sign in list at your entrance. This will let you know how many have come to your site and you will have a list of those that have visited your studio.

6. We will provide each artist with exterior signage, which will include a Studio Sign and 2 directional “Art Trail” arrow signs.

7. You agree to gather all exterior signage at 4pm on the day of the event (as they are expensive to replace if lost or stolen) and return the signs to the Art Club office on the Monday following the event.

8. You also agree to return any unsold tickets, with money for sold tickets along with a list of the names of the ticket purchasers and whether they paid you with cash or check. These are to be turned into the Club office on the Monday following the event.

9. Artists that participate in the 2019 Art Trail are responsible for submitting their own sales tax to the State of Florida for any sales that occur during this event. If you are accepted to participate in this year's event, you will be asked to submit proof to the Vero Beach Art Club that you are currently registered with the Florida Dept of Revenue.


Eileen Lovre * 954-673-8137
email: click to email

Joanne Johnson * 304-261-6733
email: click to email