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Apply online using the form below.  Please be sure to download the Park Rules and Standards to be aware of the Humiston Park rules. Also download, read and agree to the Artist's Agreement and Waiver. By clicking SUBMIT - you are accepting that you have read the Park Rules and Standards and read the Artist's Agreement and Waiver and agree to all terms therein. Deadline is September 4, 2018

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You may scan and email your volunteer card to, mail it or drop off at the office. 3001 Riverside Park Dr. Vero Beach, FL 32963 MUST have a minimum of 15 Volunteer Hours to apply.
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Artist Agreement and Waiver – VBAC Art in the Park Season 2018-2019 *
I have read and agree to follow the Vero Beach Art Club’s Art in the Park Rules and Standards (rev. September 2012, updated June 2014, updated May 2016, updated April 2018). I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Vero Beach Art Club and the show chairman and co-chairman, and the City of Vero Beach from and against any and all demands, claims, suits or liability, to anyone for any injuries sustained by them, whether to their persons, personal assistants or property as a result of coming onto the premises of Humiston Park, (or location of Art in the Park Shows) and the adjacent area to work for, participate in, or attend the Vero Beach Art Club’s Art in the Park event. Further, it is understood that each exhibitor is responsible for collection and payment of their sales tax to the State of Florida. I agree to pay VBAC a 10% commission of all sales made at each show, with a maximum payment of $150 per show. If an exhibitor’s sales total $0 to $200, they agree to pay a $20 show fee for that day instead of the 10% commission.


Eileen Farrell * 772-794-2489

Caroline Frederiksen * 772-345-6051 or 772-228-4995