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April 2018 Loren Harvard


Bio: My name is Loren Harvard and I am a 7th grade student at St. Helen's Catholic school in Vero Beach FL. I have attended the Diossy Art Studio for the last 3 years where I have learned techniques in drawing, painting and sculpting. I have always enjoyed doing any activity that is creative. Most recently, I have been participating as part of a drama club working with a team to create the set design for an upcoming school play. I am interested in continuing to learn about many different forms of art. My other passions in addition to art, are reading and musicals.

Mediums: I really enjoy sketching in pencil and have recently started to use charcoal.

Why do you create art?: I have just always felt an urge to draw and express what I am thinking through pictures.

What inspires your art:  What inspires me is constantly changing. Often I am inspired to draw what I am either reading about or listening to for music. I have been inspired by the Harry Potter series to draw mythical creatures such as dragons and I have also been inspired by the musical Hamilton, to draw fan art of characters in the show.

Cloud Jumper.JPG

Cloud Jumper

Oliver Pearce.JPG

Oliver Pearce

Elizabeth Hamilton.JPG

Elizabeth Hamilton


Night Fury.JPG

Night Fury

Needle and Fir (3).JPG


Needle and Fir




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