Vero Beach Art Club

ART BY THE SEA 2017 Awards By Category

Congratulations to our ribbon winners!

John Mazur Memorial Award for BEST IN SHOW

First Place
Artist: Ruth Feldman
Title: Favorite Things


First Place
Artist: Charles Kaune
Title: Untitled


First Place
Artist: Carol Staub
Title: Hanging Out

Second Place
Artist: Dawn Mill
Title: Florida Beauty

Third Place
Artist: Mark C Kirby
Title: Shore Break


First Place
Artist: David Goodrich
Title: Appomattox View


First Place
Artist: Jens Bisgaard
Title: Sterling Silver Necklace - Swiss Blue Topaz


First Place
Artist: Margaret Goembel
Title: Boat House Series I

Second Place
Artist: Betsy Kurzinger
Title: Pulse

Third Place
Artist: Quentin Walter
Title: Tonto and the Lone Ranger


First Place
Artist: Lisa Steffens
Title: Sebastian Inlet

Second Place
Artist: Cathleen Hahn
Title: La Vicuna

Third Place
Artist: Betsy Moser
Title: Over the River


First Place
Artist: George Pillorge
Title: Time Passes Too Quickly

Second Place
Artist: Charles Kaune
Title: Untitled

Third Place
Artist: Joyce Bohan
Title: Margaret


First Place
Artist: Joan Earnhart
Title: Saturdays at the Lake

Second Place
Artist: Guztaf Miller
Title: Carryback 10

Third Place
Artist: Al Gustave
Title: Rocking Rocker II


First Place
Artist: Joan Turner
Title: Light

Second Place
Artist: Beth Anne Fairchild
Title: Tulips

Third Place
Artist: Joel Johnson
Title: Alpine Reflections


1. Artist: Paul R Davis
Title: Calm Waters
2. Artist: Nancy Galligan
Title: Almost There 3. Artist: Soozi Schuble
Title: Untitled
4. Artist: George Beckman
Title: Shining Grace
5. Artist: Eileen Farrell
Title: Abstract 2
6. Artist: Richard Gillmor
Title: Mars or Bust
7. Artist: Joe Montagnino
Title: Norfolk Pine Vase
8. Artist: George Paxton
Title: Daphne's Escape
9. Artist: Robert and Teresa Nilsson
Title: Blue Glacier Pendant
10. Artist: Lionel Ogilvie
Title: Florida Landscape
11. Artist: Alicia Callander
Title: Evolution of the Word
12. Artist: Ronald E Miller
Title: The Image
13. Artist: Dale Erickson
Title: Glamour Boy
14. Artist: Marcia F Robertson
Title: Brotherly Love
15. Artist: Diana M Feuer
Title: Jubilee